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Pericoronitis is a condition in which the gum tissue surrounding the molar teeth swells and gets inflamed. Wisdom teeth, the third and final set of molars that most people obtain in their late teens or early twenties, are the most common cause of this condition.

When wisdom teeth only partially erupt, pericoronitis might develop (break through the gum). This creates an entrance for bacteria to enter and produce an infection around the tooth. Food or plaque (a bacterial film that stays on teeth after eating) can get lodged below a flap of gum around the tooth in cases of pericoronitis. If left alone, it might irritate the gums and cause pericoronitis. Swelling and infection may spread beyond the jaw to the cheeks and neck if the pericoronitis is severe.

At Mora Family Dentistry, we treat pericoronitis using the innovation of laser therapy. Less pain, more predictability in healing.


Throughout your life, your mouth undergoes numerous changes. The emergence of your third molars is an important dental milestone that normally occurs between the ages of 17 and 25. Because they emerge at a later age, these teeth have been called wisdom teeth in the past.

The shape of Wisdom Teeth is determined by the position of the teeth within the jaw. Soft tissue impaction happens when the crown, the very top of the tooth, penetrates the bone while the gum is still covering part of the tooth.

Healthy wisdom teeth might aid in chewing when they emerge properly. It’s typical to experience some discomfort as your wisdom teeth emerge, but if you’re experiencing pain, Call for a consultation at Mora Family Dentistry at (610) 240-7730. WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL

Family Dentist in Exton,Malvern,Paoli, West Chester  |  (610) 240-7730

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You may not even realize that your wisdom teeth are firmly pressed together. It’s possible that no signs or symptoms will appear. It’s possible that you have impacted teeth right now and aren’t aware of it.

The gum on top of the tooth is infected or enlarged, so symptoms will appear. Pain, swollen or bleeding gums, swelling around the jaw, and foul breath are some of the symptoms you could experience. Some patients might also experience:

  • Headaches or jaw soreness
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.
  • Bad taste in their mouths when they eat.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. Their natural development and eruption can be hampered by a lack of space in the mouth.

The tooth, whether partially or completely impacted, may:

  • Grow on a slant. Another tooth gets in the way.
  • Expand as if the wisdom teeth were buried deep within the jawbone


When a wisdom tooth presses against the second teeth, it can lead to a variety of issues in the mouth, including:

  • Other teeth can be damaged. The second molar might be harmed if the gums in the area are exposed to infection. The pressure might cause crowding of the other teeth, necessitating the use of braces to straighten them.
  • Wisdom teeth that are partially impacted are at a higher risk of becoming infected. Other teeth may also be affected by tooth decay. Cleaning wisdom teeth is more difficult. Between the gum and a partially erupted tooth, food and bacteria become trapped.
  • Gum disease is a condition that impacts the teeth and gums. It all begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and can lead to tooth loss if not adequately managed. It can also lead to damaging the tissue that surrounds your teeth.

Family Dentist in Exton,Malvern,Paoli, West Chester  |  (610) 240-7730

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